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Investing in Alternative Solutions for Delivering Technology




Mar 6, 2001


Joan Fanning

If appropriate, I would like to share some thoughts regarding the ASP model and NPower's thinking behind the creation of a nonprofit ASP which we are piloting this year (as well as lessons learned during this pilot.) NPower, as you may know, is one of the few nonprofit technology assistance providers that provide actual implementation and on-going technology support and training services to nonprofit organizations, in addition to technology assessment and strategic planning. This on-going partnership and working side-by-side with nonprofit organizations to implement and support the technology plans we help them develop has provided us with, what I believe, are some very valuable insights about what works and what doesn't as we attempt to help nonprofits integrate technology into their mission in a sustainable way. Our idea to pilot a nonprofit ASP has come directly from our implementation and support work with nonprofits and was developed in partnership with many of our nonprofit customers. It would be great to share these learnings and hear what others on the discussion group think about these strategies (as well as discuss the wider issues of how we mitigate the digital divide -- whether it is working directly with those negatively affected by the digital divide or through community based organizations.)

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