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Jan 29, 2001


Bob Templin

Thanks to all of you for agreeing to participate in our Digital Divide subgroup on the topic of "Technology and Economic Opportunity". As you know, I will be leading a portion of our online discussion to develop an economic opportunities and technology position statement, within the context of the broader Digital Divide dialogue. The ideas coming out of this 'sub-group' will permit us to advance a position with greater, specified focus and provide an overview with much richer coverage of the subject. These recommendations will then be included in the final "Access to Outcomes" report. During the course of our dialogue we hope to identify and validate examples, quotes, or references that illustrate each point or principle being developed.

Below is an outline of the subjects at issue with regard to the 'Centrality of Technology and Economic Opportunity.' I will shortly follow up with you to expand our dialogue on each specific subject. I look forward to and appreciate your participation.


  • Toward What End? If the Digital Divide discussion doesn't focus on jobs and economic opportunity as an outcome, what's the point?
  • The Digital Divide & IT Training in Low-Income Communities
  • Developing a Continuum of Workers for the Information Economy
  • Moving Beyond IT Training
  • Creating increased efficient and effective training and employment opportunities that match the realities of the economy and conditions of low-income communities
  • Using applications of technology through trusted agents and community-based organizations to help create training & employment opportunities
  • Assisting business development in low-income communities through applications of technology
  • Inverting/reversing the infrastructure to bring economic opportunities into low-income communities
  • It's not always about technology
Thanks again!

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