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Creating a Digital Peace Corps




Jan 25, 2001


Jonathan Peizer

Apologies, I don't read my E-mail linearly, so I just read what the differences this digital peace corps might have from current efforts. And of course I missed indicating in this country as another tech corp example.

I don't want to be pessimistic, but because this economy tends to focus on developing specialists, and technology people are in such high demand, (and will be for the foreseeable future) I wonder what the universe of people really is that: 1) Have specialization in their chosen field 2) Also have enough technical expertise to define a project to apply that specialization 3) Have experience with the community or user group they would be focusing upon 4) Have enough operational expertise to develop and see that project through on the ground. If you have someone come in and just talk up a tech project to local people who are beginning to grasp its potential, once that person leaves, there often is no follow through. So the expertise plus the capacity to put the project together and implement it (or at least identify someone locally who can and following up with them) has to be there.

This is a pretty tall order and I would imagine these people aren't being paid very well (unless there are corporate sponsorships of people on sabbatical?). So while academically it sounds good, realistically is it possible in any scalable way?


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