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Creating a Digital Peace Corps




Jan 25, 2001


Will Reed

A variation of this idea would be to leverage and encourage the utilization of the "analyst/associate" programs of major corporations. Technology For All (TFA) has found this extremely helpful in our work. Enron, for instance, has a rotation of two persons working with our organization. They are on Enron's payroll, but work for TFA. While they rotate every six months, they are the brightest young employees of Enron's workforce. They bring incredible gifts, business skills and other expertise to our mission. Also, they help us maintain a close relationship with Enron as one of our national corporate sponsors. Every Analyst/Associate that worked with TFA has come away from the experience with the gift of "heart". Their experience has given them a new perspective on the world that will impact them to the end of their lives. I believe the case can be made that this is good for business as well as our communities.


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