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Creating a Digital Peace Corps




Dec 14, 2000


Peter Miller

Mario, I was pleasantly surprised to read a draft of your paper on moving From Access to Outcomes that was given at the APT board meeting last week. FYI, I am currently directing a CTC VISTA Project--the MetroBoston piece has been underway for a few months ( and the national component is just underway. We do fancy it something of a Digital Peace Corps and have described it in terms very close to those -- our first curriculum goal is searching for material and ways to help people appreciate that, despite the diversity of their specific assignments, they're all working with social change/community building institutions. Certainly your paper and other suggestions along these lines would be most welcome.

The project is housed at the College of Public and Community Service at UMass/Boston and we hope to be developing our support program in conjunction with the CTCNet Leadership Institute, so your advice and further ideas about an "Academy for Leadership in Technology" would be welcome, too.

best for the holidays and the new year, ----peter

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