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Working Through the Community




Dec 21, 2000


Rey Ramsey

Sorry that I have been late joining in this process but I have been on the road nonstop. I have read with great interest many of the thoughtful comments that have been made.

I want to make this point: efforts in the community must be comprehensive enough to be helpful yet focused enough to be doable and accepted. Often these efforts are too far reaching, requiring so much time that they lose steam and support. New efforts must be implemented with a disciplined eye on integrating them or mainstreaming them because most projects have a shelf life. New planning processes if needed ought to be very focused because many community representatives around the country have told me that they are planned out. There is planning for federal agencies like HUD, HHS, DOJ, DOT etc.. The integration of technology needs to be seamless and not burdensome...

I think intermediaries can be important as long as the role is clear and there is an existing or quickly established trust screen. I came from an intermediary and I feel that there are some clear do's and don'ts. I can elaborate later.

Just a few quick thoughts.


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