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Dec 21, 2000


Barbara Chang

A couple of comments. When you note in IV. that "...the most important investment to help people is to invest in strengthening a community's capacity. Until this capacity is at least minimally in place...," what do you mean here? Are we saying that current capacity needs to be addressed before we address the tech issues? Will we need to pump effort and resources into that problem first? You also mention that in the first sentence of V. "once a base level of capacity is in place." Are we placing unnecessary hurdles in our way prior to addressing the issues at hand.

Lastly regarding your section IX. I can't help but wonder if the enormity of the effort, the way it is described in that paragraph, is described too expansively. It quickly makes me feel overwhelmed, that the problem is so massive that nothing but an all out effort and tremendous investment of resources will be acceptable. That again seems like a very high expectation from the start. Does this mean anything short of it is a failure?

Just some of my thoughts. Again I think the piece is excellent and I am impressed by your ability to synthesize all of the comments handed to you over the last few weeks into a thoughtful introduction. Congratulations.

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