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Working Through the Community




Dec 13, 2000


Mario Morino

Ernie, I absolutely agree, but there needs to be a way a more direct way to engage and convene the true "practitioners" that are living the experience. In my view the disconnect to which you so correctly point may stem from three possible sources related to how those in the high tech sector are attempting to engage this issue:

o They need to do more to reach into the communities to find those sources that best represent their communities or neighborhoods and directly engage with "the client" -- there is simply not enough direct, honest discussion with those in low-income communities that engages the "early adopters," the mass of folks that are the "herd" that moves more slowly or who cares less, and the "contrarians."

o They may be doing too much to develop programs and solutions "for" those in low-income communities versus spending enough time upfront, listening to those in the low-income communities to learn of the needs and issues.

o They need to invest more to produce solid, relevant research about the state of these communities and the role of technology (for example, my classic complaint is that to quote that x% of schools are wired to the Internet tells us little as to the state of access within the schools and, more importantly, as to what, if any, benefit has been derived.)


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