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Dec 13, 2000


Ernest Wilson

A comment on the exchange between John Middleton and Mario, especially on the need for a strategy to include excluded voices, and a political/communications strategy.

Just returned from Sao Paulo and Rio to interview the leaders of the info revolution in Brazil. Fascinating discussions. Along with South Africa, Br is the most unequal country in the world, and govt & private firms are really wrestling with the access/equity issues. (from $ to interface design to telecenters) Yet while many agree in principle "access" is key, it is difficult for the techie/policy wonk types to reach out to and interact consistently with grass roots/community based groups. Suggests we can't assume the grass roots voices on IT will be heard, in absence of an explicit engagement strategy to include them and leverage their contributions into the national debate. (NOT just PR, but true engagement)

Also, Brazil really underlines the need to develop a new generation of IT LEADERS that want equity/access as well as cost reductions.

Ernest Wilson

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