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Making the Case for Technology Within the Community




Jan 16, 2001


Marsha Reeves Jews

This dialog has been very interesting. How do we create an environment where people who are underserved...understand that there are possibilities and with their participation...or if they give "the establishment" an opportunity- their time will not be wasted and it can in fact be beneficial!?

I should think it is not only the message...but, the messenger. Who is actually gaining the access, how have they participated in a particular community? How are they viewed in that community? Does that community respect that persons opinion? It is possible, while the messenger may be a "leader" in the broader community -- they may not have any "juice" in these communities.

What partnerships have been created --with churches or other faith based organizations or just grass roots advocate organizations? Has the leadership or the leader (whomever they see as their leader-- may be the little old lady on the 3rd floor) been engaged and informed?

There is a program in Detroit, Focus Hope,,, doing a great job they have a literacy program that is powerful, partnerships with corporations-job training and a wonderful food program.. I would suggest visiting Focus Hope. One of the most comprehensive programs in the country.

Marsha Jews

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