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Making the Case for Technology Within the Community




Dec 9, 2000


Mario Morino

I'd second both Daniel Ben-Horin's and David Hunter's emphasis on the need for trust. As we advance our thoughts with respect to what we call "strategic investment" such investment can only be done based on the strength of the relationship the "investor" and the "investee" develop in one another. And, a relationship must be built on trust and a trust that can only be earned by both sides, over time and through experience and by demonstration. This is even more challenging with CBOs, as one can easily cross race, ethnicity, class, and other boundaries as one attempts to work with and supports the CBO, elements that appear to be totally outside of the core task that brings you together.

These points simply further underscore the points we seek to make in the report with regard to the application of technology -- for instance, why it takes longer to implement and apply technology in certain nonprofit areas and the importance of the people-side of the support one provides. And that the support goes way beyond the "knowledge of technology" to the knowledge of people and the cultivation of good relationships.

And, just as in the business world, this explains why a lot of efforts with technology never succeed as they fail to factor in people, relationships and trusts as part of the undertaking. Sort of makes the technology stuff pretty easy in comparison.


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