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Morino Institute From Access to Outcomes: Digital Divide Report and Dialogue

Report Supplement

Kit Collins
Center for Educational Design and Communication

Kit Collins has been advisor to the Morino Institute since 1993, participating in the development of the Institute's approach to social change through technology-supported youth and community development services. She was a member of the YDC Pilot team and simultaneously served as executive director of the Center for Educational Design and Communication (CEDC). Kit has worked extensively with social justice projects which integrate strategies of education, communication and leadership in service of social change. CEDC's work with under-resourced nonprofit organizations includes more than two hundred projects over the last 15 years. Kit has served on the development team for most of these projects. Her work has included learning design, training workshops, strategic communications, seminars, process design, Web site development and education and communication consultation in the U.S. and more than twenty countries worldwide (six continents). Prior to her work at CEDC, Kit was involved in teaching and school administration. The Network of Sacred Heart Schools in the United States was founded under her direction and extended internationally. She led the initiation of systems for goals and criteria, school evaluation, faculty development and board education. During her tenure as national coordinator she inaugurated a graduate level summer leadership program at the University of Notre Dame for network educators. Kit is a member of the Religious of the Sacred Heart Order.


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